Our professional staff have experience in organizational change, evaluation research, policy analysis, and financial management and analysis. Our core practice areas include the following:

Design and procurement of public behavioral health systems
  • New York Office of Mental Health: DMA reviewed New York State’s Adult ambulatory service system and developed recommendations for restructuring it.
  • Washington State. DMA reviewed the state mental health system to identify current challenges and opportunities for improvement and developed strategic options that would be feasible and had potential to address the identified issues.
  • State of Montana, Legislative Services Division: Conducted a comprehensive assessment of Montana’s child and adult mental health system in collaboration with Policy Research Associates, and developed recommendations for redesign.
  • District of Columbia Medical Assistance Administration: Development of an RFP and related HCFA waiver documents for the joint procurement of TANF HMOs and managed care services for children on SSI.
  • San Diego County Mental Health Services: Assisted the county in a stakeholder planning process, prepared an RFP, and assisted with the procurement of an ASO to managed Medicaid and county funded adult mental health services.
  • Massachusetts Division of Medical Assistance: Lead consulting in 1991 and 1996 on the design, organization, federal waiver, and procurement of the most successful 1915(b) mental health waiver initiative in the country. Strategic planning for the further development of managed care for SSI disabled Medicaid recipients.

Planning for the implementation of consumer-directed behavioral health care
  • Delaware County, PA: Completed a state grant, working with County officials, the Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA, Magellan Health Services leaders, and the University of Pennsylvania to develop a self-directed care initiative for the county including operating procedures and a Self-Directed Care Guide For Consumers.
  • SAMHSA, CMHS: Prepared a background paper on “Decision Aids” for a SAMHSA meeting on Shared Decision-Making
  • SAMHSA : Lead contractor to facilitate SAMHSA’s 2004 Consumer Directed Services Initiative including preparation of the conference proceedings, “ Free To Choose: Transforming Behavioral Health Care to Self-Direction” DHHS Publication No. SMA-05-3982. Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2005.
  • Other Self-Directed Care Articles:

Grant writing
  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services: Facilitated a planning process to develop an early childhood system of care in the city of Boston, and drafted a SAMHSA proposal to fund it.
  • CAB Health and Recovery Services, Inc.: DMA staff have prepared numerous grant proposals for this non-profit substance abuse treatment organization, including a successful Center for Disease Prevention and Control HIV Prevention grant, numerous SAMHSA CSAT grants for both adolescents and adults, and several state funded programs.
  • Community Counseling of Bristol County: DMA staff collaborated with this community mental health center on successful proposals in two highly competitive state procurements. CCBC was selected to become a Community Service Agency for the Massachusetts Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative and to provide integrated residential and community support services for Department of Mental Health clients in two catchment areas.

Benchmarking, and performance measurement
  • Center for Mental Health Services: Conducting a Pilot test of the Self Assessment Tool developed in the Building Bridges initiative.
  • State of Washington’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC): Reviewed Performance Data Indicators and Outcome Measures for Mental Health Systems for Children, resulting in a set of proposed measures for oversight of Washington’s county-based Medicaid waiver program. DMA also assessed the current data and reporting to determine its adequacy for use in measurement and legislative oversight.
  • SAMHSA: Worked with CMHS as part of the Decision Support 2000+ project to review, summarize and evaluate dozens of mental health outcome measurement instruments and systems, and to develop information on substance abuse outcome instruments.
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation: Children's Mental Health Benchmarking Project. Collected and analyzed data on key performance benchmarks for children’s mental health services from up to 31 states and counties. Reports comparing states and counties on cost and utilization were issued for three waves of data collection. A final report on the final data set delved deeper into technical issues affecting cross-state comparisons.
  • SAMHSA: Drafted a report published by the former Managed Care Bureau that compared Medicaid Managed Behavioral Health initiatives on a variety of cost, utilization and quality indicators and assessed the ability to use these data as benchmarks.

Facilitation of quality improvement processes.
  • Massachusetts Department of Mental Health: Leadership of a state wide Quality Improvement Collaborative to reduce Medicaid (MBHP) acute inpatient psychiatric re-admission rates for DMH clients.
  • California Institute of Mental Health: Lead consultant on the eight-county California Learning Collaborative.
  • Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx): DMA has been consulting to NIATx on developing strategy to spread quality improvement technologies to mental health organizations.
  • General Electric Company: More than two years of consulting to Corporate Finance on WorkOut!

Examples of Projects

Our knowledge and experience has emerged from work on some of this country’s most significant public behavioral health systems projects. Our team has direct experience in:

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